Anhdv Boot 2021 Premium is a multipurpose boot disc that can boot both Legacy and UEFI. It includes the necessary programs when your computer has a problem such as hard disk virus, data recovery, forgot password, can’t access Windows, install Windows with ghost file. .GHO and other issues Equipped with a complete range of necessary tools and programs, commonly used by computer technicians or various computer repair shops Comes with a program that helps fix various problems fully integrated in one sheet This is a very useful WinPE boot disc.

Supported :

  • both UEFI and Legacy

WinPE :

  • Win10PE 64-bit
  • Win10PE 32-bit
  • Win8PE 32-bit
  • Mini XP 32-bit

Main functions :

  • Get NVME hard drives using Intel Gen 12, 11 … AMD Ryzen 5
  • Automatically add NVME drivers for Intel Gen 11 machines when installing Windows
  • Get the best laptop touchpad for most popular machines.
  • WinPE automatically connects to Wifi
  • Run software on Windows
  • Integrate Windows installer to Repair
  • Support 32-bit UEFI with Win10PE 32
  • Break the password of the domain machine, Microsoft account
  • Support VGA driver, Share Lan, Ghost Lan
  • Read and write MacOS, Linux partitions

Premium functions :

  • Integrate Windows Installer for Recovery
  • Support for 32-bit UEFI with Win10PE 32
  • Crack the password of a domain machine, Microsoft account
  • Support VGA driver, Share Lan, Ghost Lan
  • Reading and writing partitions MacOS, Linux

What’s New ?

  • -Fixed the problem of recognizing the hard drive of Intel Gen 10 machines and set up a Raid On drive.
  • -The network connection interface changes back to the old version, in order to bring stability and more functions. in version 21.10, the same driver as 21.9, but many machines do not have LAN.
  • -Improved ESP/EFI partition display tool (on Apps Anhdv Boot right-click menu). This tool is useful when you need to fix boot using bootice. Alternatively, you can select Show All Partition in the Anhdv boot icon in the taskbar.
  • -Update some software to new version: cpuz, gpuz, disk info, disk mark, hwinfo, anydesk, teamviewer, awesun.
  • -Note, I have some hard drive drivers in /Apps/Driver/RST. When installing windows but missing drivers causing blue screen or failure to recognize the drive on winpe, go to the link above to extract the .7z file. Install win, then download the driver. Winpe does not recognize the drive, use the Install Driver tool on the desktop > Driver folder and guide the driver you just extracted. The 21.10 boot can recognize the drive by navigating to the RST-gen9.10″ entry.
Anhdv Boot 2022 v22.1 Premium
Anhdv Boot 2022 v22.1 Premium
Anhdv Boot 2021 v21.11 Premium
System Requirements

Computer with reasonable speed 
Ram 1+ GB
Mouse + Keyboard
File Info

Official Website : anhdvboot.com 
Software Version
: 2022 v22.1 Premium File Name : Anhdv.Boot.2022.v22.1.Premium.Fixed.rar File Size : 2.33 GB File Type : *.rar Server : UploadRAR | Google Drive Upload date : 11/06/2022 Last modified : 11/06/2022 Password : sbz

》》》》》 Main link (UploadRAR) 《《《《《


》》》》》 Backup link (Google Drive) 《《《《《


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