Sandboxie 5.30 Final

Download Sandboxie 5.56.3 / Sandboxie Plus 1.1.3 program 2 screens run games / programs 2 screens for free

Sandboxie  is a split-screen program, run programs or games in two split-windows, allowing you to run programs in two or more split-windows. Designed to run different files and applications in a virtual environment. Prevents permanent changes to the system. Create an isolated operating environment where such applications can be run or installed without permanently modifying local drives or mapping. It comes with a simple interface. with many powerful tools and functions

Sandboxie-Plus is a standalone or fork version of Sandboxie designed to fix problems. including adding various functionalities Sandboxie-Plus It is a fixed release, fixes many bugs and closes the security vulnerabilities of the original Sandboxie version. by adding new functionality In particular, the new Qt-based SandMan.exe UI is much more advanced than the older MFC-based SbieCtrl.exe UI. Additionally, security fixes are important. This is because it can disable elevation and sandbox escape issues that existed in the original release. This is an alternative version for users. and is a version with many new features


  • Snapshot Manager – this feature takes a copy of any box in order to be restored when needed
  • Maintenance mode – it allows to uninstall/install/start/stop Sandboxie driver and service when needed
  • Portable mode – you can run the installer and choose to extract all files to a directory.
  • Additional UI options to block access for Windows components like printer spooler and clipboard.
  • More customization options for Start/Run and Internet access restrictions
  • Global hotkey to terminate all boxed processes
  • A new firewall per sandbox which supports Windows Filtering Platform (WFP).
  • Support Windows Creator Fall Update
  • Fixed Firefox H264 video decoder
  • New support for 64-bit Windows
  • Support Windows 10 latest updates
  • Analyze the file and registry effects
  • Anonymous, and secure browsing
  • Drag-and-drop between windows
  • Encrypt the contents of the sandbox
  • Enhanced Privacy and secure E-mail
  • Extract sandboxed installations
  • File access and registry writes
  • merge some undesired changes
  • Prevent wear-and-tear in Windows
  • Run your Web browser under sandbox
  • Set the system clock in the sandbox.
  • Store sandbox in memory (RAM)
  • Supports anonymize the IP address
  • Wipe the contents easily & securely
  • Extremely customizable
  • And more.

Sandboxie :

  • Provides you with a safe testing environment
  • Works discreetly in the background
  • Excellent documentation and tutorial guide
  • Free and secure

Sandboxie-Plus : 

  • Modern UI
  • Free open-source utility tools
  • More secured spaces and added features
  • Safely test untrusted programs

What’s New ? 


::: Sandboxie Classic :::

Sandboxie 5.55.11
Sandboxie 5.55.11

::: Sandboxie Plus :::

Sandboxie Plus 1.0.11
Sandboxie Plus 1.0.11
System Requirements

Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (32-bit or 64-bit – all editions) 
Computer with reasonable speed
No special requirements
File Info

Official Website : www.sandboxie.com 
License : Freeware
Software Version
: 5.56.3 (Classic) | 1.1.3 (Plus) File Name : Sandboxie.v5.56.3.rar | Sandboxie.Plus.v1.1.3.rar File Size : 4.78 MB | 29.8 MB File Type : *.rar Server : MediaFire | Box Upload date : 21/06/2022 Last modified : 21/06/2022 Password : sbz

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Sandboxie v5.56.3

Sandboxie Plus v1.1.3

》》》》》 Backup link (Box) 《《《《《

Sandboxie v5.56.3

Sandboxie Plus v1.1.3

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