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XenDesktop is a powerful Citrix virtualizer that allows users to access the Windows operating system and its applications from anywhere on the platform. In fact, by installing Windows and the required programs in a central location called the server, all users, whether far or near, with any device and any platform will be able to run Windows and its programs. All users need to do is install the appropriate Citrix Receiver on their device.

Windows modules are provided by another module called XenApp, which was previously released separately, but in the new version has been transferred to the XenDesktop subset. This module allows users to access all programs installed on Windows (which is located on the remote server) via the web. XenApp was first introduced in 2008 by the company, but at the time was renamed WinFrame, MetaFreme, and so on. The advantage of this shared method is that users do not need to install the required software and simply connect to the server and run their desired program.

Interestingly, Windows applications on non-Windows devices such as Macs, mobile devices, or Chromebooks will be available to users. In fact, for all platforms that Citrix has provided a suitable receiver, it is possible to use XenApp. Centralized program management and Windows operating system has another advantage that reduces the cost of hardware and manpower needed to support and provide services to users.

XenDesktop Features:

  • Ability to run Windows on most existing platforms (due to the range of receivers provided)
  • Software running software (provided that the Internet speed and server processing power are also appropriate)
  • Reduce maintenance costs and provide services to users
  • Focused program management and users
  • high security
  • And…

required system

System Requirements


Citrix XenApp XenDesktop

Installation guide

Use the MiniKMS folder to register software.

download link

Download part 1 – 1 GB

Download part 2 – 497 MB

Download Citrix XenApp XenDesktop_7.6 New License

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