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EPLAN Harness proD is a modern software for documenting and designing 3D wiring harnesses, protective covers and wiring. The strength of this product is in the automation of various operations, from entering the list of wires from the EPLAN platform to the wiring of cables and making their documentation in this software. The ability to use relevant mechanical information from MCAD systems and ECAD connection information means that the EPLAN Harness proD will potentially be able to integrate with PDM environments. This allows the design of the wire harness to be possible even without access to a mechanical sample. In short, using this product continuously will reduce development time, increase productivity and product quality. Electrical engineers can use the capabilities of this product to advance the operation of handling wires, cables and protective coatings and wiring.

Features and features of EPLAN Harness proD software:

  • Comfortable wiring and placement of protective cover in a three-dimensional space
  • Automatic wiring of cables based on previously designed routes
  • Use control files to optimize the production phase
  • Tracking of members belonging to Kabul, including connectors, pins and 2
  • Clear management of all project documents and information
  • Extensive functions
  • Automatic extraction of two-dimensional designs of three-dimensional diagrams
  • List the materials defined by the user, the cable diagram and the time and cost spent, as well as the calculation of weight and…
  • Compatibility with 3D data and communication interfaces for MCAD systems and common CAD formats
  • Unique definition of standard components such as connectors, cables, etc.
  • Integrate with Product Development Processes (PEP, PDM)

System Requirement 

OS: Windows Seven / 8 / 8.1 / 10
System Requirements: Microsoft Office (64bit) 2010 or 2013 *

* Depending on the selection of databases for the parts management, the project management and the dictionary, the use of a 64bit Office version is compulsory. more….

The EPLAN Platform 2.5 will be delivered as a 64bit Version only. Office 32bit can still be used, however, SQL or SQL Express will then be needed for the database parts, the translation database and the project management database. Otherwise if Access is needed for the parts, translation and project database, then Office 64bit is required.


EPLAN Harness proD

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