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Foxit almost the first company that was able to the software for professional editing, and direct the PDFs to the new offer. The evolution of this product called Foxit PhantomPDF now by the company are the development, and is every day more features it adds.

Features professional this is the software for Edit PDF files provide software such as Word and then convert a PDF file to Word and edit and re-convert it to PDF, time consuming and bug-free is not, therefore, direct editing of it with many features for editing PDF files simple has.

Features editing software Foxit PhantomPDF :

– Identify checkbox, text in PDF files and edit them directly, such as Word software

– Related to out. connected and separate out blocks of text for editing, the better. Also, relocating and resizing blocks of text

– Edit the font of text in PDF files and do all edits on the text such as changing size, color, styles and effects, changing text direction, and the distance between the lines

– Automatically color the texts modified to detect changes in the text of the changes that this option can be enabled or be disabled.

– The possibility of a false positioning, the spelling of a selected text or the entire PDF file

– Increase and decrease the indent of a paragraph

– Ability to edit images PDF file

– Right align and left-align or the middle of China, elements, file, horizontal and vertical, or rotating and cutting objects

– Insert the header, footer, etc. background images and a watermark and the page number desired to file

– Put links on the pages

– Add photos and videos to the PDF file

Features to share the program Foxit PhantomPDF :

– Share نقدر and check the files in various software companies through email or an internal network

– Integration with SharePoint

– Integration with the software Evernote to send a PDF file to a post to it

– Directly send email from inside the app

– Tool filed comments and the comments on the file, and the summary and manage them

– Build and manage Stamp

– Tool design and the possibility to attach a file to the original file

Features of the conversion and extraction software Foxit PhantomPDF :

– Build file standard PDF

– Build PDF output software Office with the help of Add-In

– Support drag and drop for the soft PDF file

– Speed 3 parity when making PDFs compared to similar software

– Search and edit, and perform operations collectively on the PDFs

– Send and extract PDF files to other software, like Word

– Optimize and compress PDF files

– Build batch files PDF

Features organize the program Foxit PhantomPDF :

– Change the order of pages in PDF files, and handling them with drag and drop

– Ability to delete or add a page specific file

– Combine several PDF files into a new file

– Comparison of PDFs in terms of the changes made in a file

– Change and set information about a PDF file for editing the label files

– Search the content of PDF files

– Possibility of restore operation performed on the file

Features scanning and OCR software Foxit PhantomPDF :

– Scan documents and convert them to PDF

– Ability to recognize text and convert scanned document to text, typo, editable

– The diagnosis results, the suspected OCR and correct them

– Insert text scanned directly in the PDF file

Features create form program Foxit PhantomPDF :

– Fill the forms in PDF format

– Ability to complete forms, auto-predictive text, based on the texts before

– Form design with advanced features and smart, and boxes, and various buttons

– Ability to import the fields in a form, from the Standard Resources and mining is a form to file

– The ability to connect via JavaScript with the database to transfer information form

– Build a barcode, two-dimensional

 Features protection and signing of software Foxit PhantomPDF :

– Remove sensitive information from files before publishing it, like add new comment., the metadata in. layer altogether and …

– Remove the permanent part of the text of the PDF to prevent leaked confidential information

– Integration to Active Directory, Windows, to manage the access rights to the file

– Put a watermark on the file to protect copy for taking pictures from PDF files

– Digital signature PDF file to protect copy its content

– Plastic for the password file by AD RMS 2.1

– Supports signature validation formats XFA that is Adobe LivesCycle are made.

– Password this password file to protect the content of it

Features view and the establishment of the program Foxit PhantomPDF :

– The tool bar customizable storage

– View and print PDF files with high speed and no busy-out system resources

– Ability to view multiple PDF files in the system Tab

– Change in modes of reading the file

– The ability to bookmark a location specific PDF file

– Multi-screen display in a window

– Ability to zoom out, and rotate the pages of the file when reading

– The possibility of reading the text of PDF files and streaming audio when you can\\\’t read it and want to hear

– Ability to get updates through the center of Update Windows

The set changes done in Foxit PhantomPDF from here is visible.

-From version 11 onwards, this software is released under the title Foxit PDF Editor, the features of which can be seen here. Also the most complete version of the new version, according to here, is the Pro version.

System requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).


PhantomPDF screenshot

Download Foxit PDF Editor Pro Multilingual(Tested)

Download Foxit PDF Editor Pro Multilingual(Tested)

Download Foxit PDF Editor Pro Multilingual Portable

Download Foxit PhantomPDF Business Multilingual

Download Foxit PhantomPDF Business Multilingual

Download Foxit PhantomPDF Business Multilingual

Password file(s): www.downloadly.ir

File size

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